Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fraser Fir

Sorry it's been a while since I last blogged. As you have read in some of my previous blogs, this semester is CRAZY BUSY so sometimes it's hard for me to get on here and type.

These past two weekends have been good for me. Two weekends ago Brandon and I got some pictures taken for our wedding anniversary. Daytona Lamade took our pictures and she is FANTASTIC!! Daytona goes to Grassfield high school and is a senior this year. I know her through Young Life and her boyfriend, Mike, use to be Brandon's man guy when he lead at G-field. Daytona is such a fun-loving person and has a passion for Jesus and photography. She may be staying in Chesapeake for college and I really hope she does!! Here are some of my favorites from the photo shoot:

Shooting with Daytona was fun and we were able to go to some awesome abandoned sights. Too cool!

This past weekend was such a fun time. I went to Lynchburg to visit my great friend Ally
. Ally and I have become really close friends these last few years and I am so thankful for her friendship. My friend Elizabeth from Kentucky also met us in Lynchburg for the weekend. Elizabeth is one of my best friends from Summer Staff. Spending a weekend with these two girls was JUST want I needed. Catching up, dinner and games at The Creekmore's, dinner and hot tub at the Foster's, candle shopping (FRASER FURNICE FERGIE FIR), cook out milkshakes (duh!!), and growing more in our friendships. As I have blogged about before, this semester has been insane and I have not been feeling the best about living in Chesapeake lately, so I needed to get away. I am thankful for Ally and Elizabeth and the great weekend I spent with them. I love these friends and I know that God has put them in my life for a purpose. They are special to me and will always be special. :) Lynchburg is beautiful this time of year and I wish I could have stayed there longer, but I needed to come home to my hubby and get ready for Thanksgiving. As all of my friends are coming into town for Thanksgiving, I am leaving. I am sad I probably won't see a lot of them, but I am exctied to see my family in New York. Pray for snow!!! :)

Have a great Thanksgiving yall and remember to be thankful for what you have- not only in the month of November, but every month as well. :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Washington D.C.

This past weekend Brandon and I went to our nation's capitol....Washington D.C. We got away for the weekend to just be together and have a little mini anniversary celebration. We don't get to go away together very often, so when we do, I really enjoy it. We got to our hotel around noon on Friday and went straight into the city. It took us a little bit to actually get to the city because we took the metro in and we looked like a deer caught in headlights. We could not figure the dumb money machine out to buy our metro passes. That machine was hard! We finally got it though and headed into the city. :) We were able to get to 2 museums that day- the air and space museum and the museum of natural history. I did not really care for the air and space museum. While space and aircrafts are amazing, and the technology used for space travel is astonishing, I was bored out of my mind. I didn't understand a lot of the exhibits so Brandon was gracious enough to let us speed through that museum so we could go on to the next. The natural history museum was great! There were so many exhibits. From dinosaurs, to fossils, to earth evolving, to the ocean, there were so many amazing exhibits. I enjoyed this museum a lot.

yayy mammoth!

look how huge sloths use to be. Scary!

After the natural history museum, Brandon and I tried to find a place to eat dinner. D.C. is a BIG city, so if you do not know where you are going, you can get lost. And get lost we did. We walked alllll around downtown D.C. for what seemed like hours. It obviously was not that long, but it seemed it. All the restaurants we could actually find were Mcdonalds or ones that had meals starting at $25 a plate. No thank you!! So we kept walking until we finally came to a restaurant that was well priced and looked to have yummy food. The food ended up being pretty good but the couple sitting behind us made our experience there uncomfortable. Awkward to say the least. The girl was beyond drunk (it was 6 at night) and the guy with her was not her boyfriend. He actually had a girlfriend but was with this girl, buying her drinks. They flirted the whole time, talked about some weird, weird things, and then proceeded to put each other's fingers inside each other's mouths. Yeah....dinner was ruined for Brandon and I and we could not wait to get the hell out of there.

After dinner we headed to China Town where a "friendship arch" was. I liked the arch so of course I made Brandon take a picture of me :). As we were walking to another restaurant to order some drinks, police officers proceeded to close down the street we just walked across, and about 2 minutes later, President Obama and all his secret service proceeded to drive down that street. The crowds of people went wild. It was pretty cool to see the president's car!

The next day we headed back into the city, but this time we knew how to work the metro machine. By the end of the day we were experts :) We went to the Holocaust museum, the Museum of American History, the Lincoln and Washington Memorial, the WW2 and Vietnam memorial, and even the White House. The Holocaust museum was unbelievable. One of the best museums I have ever been to. Looking back on the Holocaust and all the destruction done to hundreds of thousands of people was horrific. It was really sad walking through this museum and reading/looking at the exhibits. I cried a lot. But it was also amazing to hear some of the success stories of people making it out the concentration camps and hearing stories of people who helped hide some of the Jewish people. If you ever go to Washington D.C. please go to this museum. It was incredible and worth every minute (and it was free!).

The museum of american history was pretty good. Some parts were boring but it was interesting reading about all the different presidents. The momuments were really great! These statutes and momuments that honor and remember past presidents and people who died fighting for our country were fantastic to see.

Those were just some of the thousands of names of the people that died in the Vietnam War.

The hubby and I with Abe. What a good soul. :)

The Washington Monument.

Tada! The White House. It wasn't as big as I was expecting it to be (but obviously still bigger than any home I have ever seen) and there was a killer squirrel trying to attack me here. I would say the White House is a dangerous place. I almost died because of that squirrel!

After all the sightseeing we could take for one day (our backs and feet were KILLING us), we decided to go into Georgetown, get the famous Georgetown Cupcakes, and eat our last meal in D.C. When we finally arrived at the cupcake shop the line was all the way out the door and half way down the street. We waited in line for a little over 45 minutes and then finally got the cupcakes everyone rants on about. Later that night when we opened our box, below is what we found.

Needless to say Brandon and I were pissed and yes, I did write a complaint to their store. Do I feel bad? Nope. After waiting 45 minutes in line for these babies you think they would look a little nicer. And did I get a gift card for free cupcakes because of my complaint? Yup! Success :)

After our cupcake experience we headed to a restaurant called Clyde's for dinner. The atmosphere there is great! And the food? YUMMY!!!! It was a great last meal in D.C. The next day we left D.C., met our friend Coleman for lunch at a Cook Out (the best fast food joint ever!!!!) and then headed back to Chesapeake. Overall our trip to Washington D.C. was great. I had never been to D.C. before this past weekend (I know, I am weird) and I will probably not go back for a while. It was a lot of fun and Brandon and I enjoyed being together, but I feel as though once you go there once, you don't have to go back for many years. It was a nice getaway though! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

365 Days Later

As of last Tuesday, October 9, Brandon and I have officially been married for one year! I honestly can not believe that 365 days have past since that beautiful, glorious day last fall. One year down and many many more to come. My heart melted Tuesday as I woke up and realized that our one year anniversary had finally come. Since last October 9, time has seemed to fly by way too fast, but at the same time, it seemed as though our ceremony and reception were years ago. It's crazy how time can do that, huh? As Brandon posted in his thoughtful post, I don't think I realized how hard marriage would actually be. We both didn't. This past year has been the hardest and most overwhelming year of my life. Marriage is not easy. It is incredibly hard. Brandon and I have both seen those hard times....way too often I would like to add. When two sinful people come together as one, ugly things are bound to happen. We are selfish. We are angry. We are spiteful. We are easily annoyed. We are bratty. We are sinners. But THANK GOD God loves us despite our sinful selves and allows Brandon and I to wake up every morning as husband and wife. Although this year has been incredibly difficult in many ways, I would not trade this marriage for anything. And I mean ANYTHING. Brandon is my best friend. My partner in life. My husband. My leader. My shoulder to cry on. My other half. I love him so incredibly much and no fight, argument, hurtful words/actions, or stubbornness will change that. I am more in love with Brandon today than I ever have been. We have grown individually. We have grown together. The Lord brought us into this covenant of marriage over 365 days ago and He has guiding and leading us each day since and will continue to guide and lead us. On October 9, 2011 Brandon and I wanted God to be glorified and shown in our words and actions. We hope He was given the glory that day and although there have been dark valleys in the Nash household, I know He will continue to be glorified through our marriage.

Last Tuesday Brandon and I celebrated our anniversary by going out to dinner, the Melting Pot. That restaurant is super yummy - and expensive - so it's a once-in-a-blue-moon occasion. But Tuesday was a special occasion so of course we had to go there. And we went there on our first dating anniversary, so we thought it would be fun to go for our one year wedding anniversary. :) After dinner we came back home, watched our wedding video (of course I cried), looked at some of our favorite pictures from that day, and danced to our first day song. I Have and I Always Will by Dave Barnes (of course I cried some more). Tuesday was special. It was nice to be together and look back on our precious wedding day. I think what I loved the most about last Tuesday was the fact that not only were Brandon and I able to look back on the day we became husband and wife, but we were able to know that although we love each other and our wedding was incredible, that God loves us so much more than we could ever love each other and October 9 was just a glimpse of what is to come. That day when we become God's bride and He our bridegroom and we get to walk into a marriage with Him, will top our wedding day, no doubt!

The beautiful roses (my favorite flower!!!) and dress my loving Brandon bought me :)

Look at that handsome man. He is all mine!!! And look how good he looks in that cardigan. I wonderful what thoughtful person got that for him? ;)

I couldn't wear my wedding dress, since it was preserved in a box, but I for sure wore my amazing wedding shoes around our apartment that night :)

I love you Brandon and I thank you for your leadership. Your patience. Your kindness. Your love. Thank you for taking me as your wife and entering into this covenant called marriage with me. We can take on the world babe, just you and me <3.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


To my wonderful wife Katie,

Katie has been asking me to do this for awhile so I finally found time to actually write something. Tuesday October 9th we celebrated our wedding anniversary, I can't believe it's been a year the time has flown by. "They" say the first year is the hardest, if you never take advice from me again take this, the first year was ridiculously hard much harder than I think we both expected. We have had our trial and errors in this marriage already and it amazes me to see us grow out of those experiences. I consider it an honor and joy to be married to Katie, even when it's hard I consider Katie my best friend, the woman God picked to be my wife in this short time on earth. Katie I have failed you and trust me I will keep failing you but I hope you know that I love you so very much even when sometimes I don't show it or express it. I look forward to many more celebrations of our marriage. I am so thankful that our friends were there for us that day to support us and love us, we sincerely love you guys. Last but not least we are going to DC this weekend to have some time to celebrate and get away and Katie when you read this answer one question, How the heck have you not been to DC before?

- B

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Darkness and Light

I have been listening to the new Mumford and Sons album, Babel, on repeat the whole day. Literally I can not stop listening to it. I know I just blogged yesterday and I normally don't blog this soon after, but I have to share about two songs from the album. "Ghosts That We Knew" and "Lover of the Light." The first time I heard Ghosts That We Knew, I cried the entire song. Was I at my internship while crying?....yup. I looked like a fool but I could not help but get emotional. One of the lyrics states:

You saw my pain, washed out in the rain
Broken glass, saw the blood run from my veins
But you saw no fault no cracks in my heart
And you knelt beside my hope torn apart
But the ghosts that we knew will flicker from you
And we'll live a long life
So give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light
Cause oh that gave me such a fright
But I will hold as long as you like
Just promise me we'll be alright

Another lyric from Lover of the Light states:

But love the one you hold
And I'll be your goal
To have and to hold
A lover of the light

These lyrics really got to me. Especially "so give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light." Lately I have been living in darkness. Darkness that I have let creep into my heart and stay there. For quite a while now I have chosen to stay in this darkness and not see the light, aka God. My walk with the Lord has not been going very well at all. I still believe in Him and love Him very much, but I am not believing in His truths. I do not believe God loves me. I do not believe God is for me. I am not believing these truths along with others and it is causing me to have a hardened heart and build up walls towards Him. It makes me sick. I have no desire to spend anytime with the Lord and grow in my relationship with Him. I am choosing to stay in this darkness and become more and more sad. Nothing significant has happened in my life to make me feel this way, it just happened. So when I listened to this Mumford song and thought about my brokeness and darkness, all I could do is cry. I want to be a "lover of the light" again. I want my desire back for the Lord, but as long as I choose to dwell in this darkness, that will not happen.

I need prayers. Lots of prayers. Prayers I will remember and believe in the truths from our Lord. Prayers I can come out of this darkness and be a lover of the Light again. Prayers for my heart to be softened and for the walls to break down. I also ask you...what is the darkness in your life? Are you dwelling it? Let's try our hardest to choose the Light. See the Light and be a lover if it.
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